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prof_sev's Journal

9 January 1960
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Name: Severus Snape
Nickname(s): Sev(ha ha. die.)
Birthday: January 9, 1960
Age: 37

Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
Height: 6'2
Build: Skinny, some muscles, but more scrawny than muscular
Defining marks: Dark Mark on forearm, some long old scars

Wand: Ebony, dragon heartstring, 13 inches
Wand hand: left

Residence: ugly little two up two down in Manchester
Occupation: Potions master at Hogwarts
Friends: Ha. Yeah. Right.
Pets: ...does Lupin count?


First impression: Damn, he's an asshole
Behaviors/traits: prefers to be solitary, is annoyed with stupid people(which includes, like, everybody), is even a bit mean to those he likes(noone).
Usually found: In his office.
Bad habits: Being rude, smokes a cigarette when extremely upset, something of an alcoholic
Biggest fear: people finding that gooey sugary mass that's deep deep inside of him.

Romance Status

Sexuality: bisexual
Past relationships: Lucius Malfoy, kinda, and Lily Evans
Current interests: someone.


Childhood home: Manchester, near where he lives now
Blood status: Half
Parents: Eileen Prince, witch, and Tobias Snape, assmuncher muggle
Sibling(s): none
History: Tobias and Eileen met and fell in love, but after they got married and Tobias found out she was a witch, he fell very quickly out of love. More to Come


House: Slytherin. Duh.
Best subject: Potions. Again, duh.
Worst subject: IT WAS HISTORY none.
Interests: Potions, reading, the dark arts
Usually found: In the library.